Tiizer Regular Weed Seeds By Spitfire Genetics


Brand Spitfire Genetics
Seeds Per Pack 11
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time 7-9 Weeks
Genetics Hybrid
Lineage Zkittlez (TerpHogz cut) x Peach Cubez
Yield Good
Seed Type Regulars

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Tiizer is one of the newer strains to drop at Pure Sativa in 2021 from one of our latest elite breeders Spitfire Genetics. It’s a genetic cross using the highly sought-after and often imitated clone-only cut of Zkittlez bred by Terp HogzSpitfire Genetics then hit her with pollen from their keeper male from their Peach Cubez pheno hunt that they also undertook. 

This one will undoubtedly be in high demand thanks to the original Zkittlez mum being one-half of the parents and as the phenos tend to exhibit a lovely mix of Zkittlez and peachy terps. Zkittlez is known far and wide by countless connoisseurs to be one of the best-tasting strains in the modern cannabis gene pools. Unfortunately, the original Zkittlez is hard to track down and highly sought-after; not only this, but it is also a difficult strain to grow as it doesn’t like direct light; it is very fussy and typically has a poor yield. Thankfully the Peach Cubez has added significant yield and permitted her to grow a lot easier. Moreover, the original Zkittlez doesn’t take cuttings easily, but the Tizer will quickly. The Zcube side of the genetics has added significant yields whilst broadening the terp profile with the Z cube. 

Spitfire Genetics selected their Peach Cubez father for this breeding project thanks to its vigour, exotic terpene profile and excellent resin production. Peach Cubez is a cross between the infamous Peach Ozz cut that made waves around the North in the UK early in the wave of the Zkittlez strain. The Peach Ozz phenotype that made waves back then was known as the @Greenbacks_grows cut, and Spitfire has then crossed it with his keeper pheno of the Zcube from Dying Breed Seeds. The Peach Cubez has a lovely of sweet, overripe peaches and soapy, candied Fragrant Z terps. The original Peach Ozz had a poor yield and flimsy flowers, but the Z cube adds more vigour and healthy growth characteristics as well as providing more potential for Z terps thanks to the Zkittlez genetics throughout the lineage. This strain is Z terps on steroids with a broader spectrum of terps from the Peach Cubez. The Zcube has added a lot of height and yield to the cross and a deep gas in some phenos, whilst the Peach Ozz has added significant trichome coverage, making it a perfect choice for solventless or solvent extraction. 


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