The Peak Glass Stand by Puffco


Brand Puffco
Colour Clear
Material Glass
Vape Type Portable, Desktop, Multi-Functional
Vaporizer Use Concentrate/Oil/Wax
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With Puffco Peak gaining more and more attention, comes new glass attachements and custom peices so you can customise and make your peice personal to you.

Puffco have released a clever stand so your spare glass can be safe and secure on its beautifully designed base. Made from a rugged silicone exterior and a heavy steel base-plate, your sure not to have your special peice displayed in all its glory.

* Photos are a representation of how the stand works with custom and puffco glass peice attachements. Glass is not included only the Silicone Base.

  • Rugged silicone exterior
  • Heavyweight steel base-plate
  • Polished silicone accents


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