Super Cali Haze (Feminised)


Type : Auto flowering sativa hybrid
Auto Type: Super auto
Height : 40-90 | 100-225cm
Harvest : 100-120 days from seed
Yield : 110-250g | 4-9oz per plant
Effect : Soaring Sativa high
Potency :10/10

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Super Cali Haze

This strain is the holy grail of auto flowering growers, a true and pure auto-Sativa and one which has been described as a SUPER AUTO by our breeders. We have been working for many years on refining an autoflowering haze strain but as many other breeders know this a very difficult and some say an impossible task.The first Super auto was created by Breeder Stitch when he was working closely with us. We no longer work with him but have continued to use and refine the original super auto genetics.


First a ruderalis was crossed with haze special and bred until it was 100% autoflowering. This was then crossed back with a resinuous colombian mother from Cali state and the super auto was then stabilised.


Super cali haze is our first SUPER AUTO and she is a big tall strain which can grow over 2 metres outdoors and produce upwards of 4 ounces. This is perfect for someone wanting to fit 2 harvests into one summer season and still be cropping out before everyone using traditional photo-period strains. Super cali haze also works perfectly indoors although some training and tying down may be required to help control her unbelievable growth.


Unlike most autoflowering strains which are indica dominant Super cali-haze is a pure Sativa strain so will give you that soaring cerebral hit you expect from a good old fashioned haze. The aroma of the plant is not too potent but when you take your first hit you will truly experience its wonderful earthy and spicy flavour. The high comes on fast and is uplifting, energetic and incredibly potent keeping you on another level for a good few hours. When you come down its without a big bump and super cali haze will not leave you feeling groggy and lethargic.


This really is a very different auto and one which you will surely want in your collection.

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