Stockton Slap


Dark Horse Genetics
Pack Size
10 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / Outdoor
Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time
8-11 Weeks
Stockton Slap
(Face Off OG x Sunset Sherbert) x Bitch Slap = Kosher Kush x Zkittlez x OG Eddy Lepp
Medium to High
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Stockton Slap is a new hybrid by Dark Horse Genetics which is the Sherb Face crossed with the Bitch Slap. There are 10 Regular Seeds in each pack and expect flowering around 8-10 weeks.
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We found an amazing phenotype of Cannarado Genetics Sherb Face #1 (Face Off OG x Sunset Sherbert) that was the best of both worlds, but sits slightly  heavier on the Sunset Sherbert side of the spectrum. It has a nice mix of the gassy, fuel terpene profile from the Face Off OG, mixed with the fruity, berry, tropical, exotic Sunset Sherbert profile. Sherb Face #1 has a better structure than most OG Kush strains or crosses that like to stretch a lot. This phenotype has lots of deep, dark colors, is a much shorter, louder smelling, heavier-stacking, high yielding, resinous monster, compared to the other Sherb Face phenotypes we came across. She would be perfect for a commercial setup that’s made to harvest plants at 9 weeks.
The best phenotype from the Stockton Slap we found came out almost completely dark purple, very resinous and completely covered in Trichomes, smelled and taste like a raspberry/grapefruit tart pastry, dusted with a powdered chemical cleaner, and washed down with lighter fluid. Might sound disturbing, but this will be something like you have never experienced before. The Stockton Slap will finish around 8-10 weeks with ease, depending on the phenotype you find, She will finish short, squat, resinous, emit a strong scent that will need some help from the carbon filters, and stack pretty heavy, thanks to the traits the Bitch Slap traits being passed along to it’s progeny.  Expect her to test around 24-29%THC with the slight possibility you could find something that reaches into the 30% THC range.

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Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 2.5 cm

10 seeds


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