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Stilton Special


Stilton Special is an automatic flowering ruderalis/indica/sativa variety from Mephisto Genetics and can be cultivated indoors and outdoors where the female, autoflowering plants need ±72 days from the seedling to the harvest. Mephisto Genetics’ Stilton Special is a THC dominant variety and is/was only available as feminized seeds.

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Autoflower?: Yes on Day 24.

Soil/Hydro: Soil, 6 gallon fabric pot

Nutes: Super soil on its 5th cycle with well water only. Never PH’ed or PPM.

Lights: 1 300w mars knock off, old style directly above with some extra lumens from two other 300’s in use

Days from seed to Harvest: 72 days from sprout

Dry yield: I don’t grow for yield, I grow for trichomes and terpenes. 39 grams of primo buds!

Effects: ***** Hybrid/indica. (Smoke) The full effects are felt almost immediately with a nice calming sensation. I feel this in my head but I feel it more in the body. Specifically in my upper back and shoulders. It gives a slight heavy feeling but not so heavy that you can’t move. Good for chilling and watching a movie or playing an easy/fun video game or listening to your favorite music. I really like it for a wake and bake. Put me in a good mood and helps my stomach settle down.

Bag Appeal: ***** Nice chunky nugs. Pretty good size nugs with really nice trichome output. The pistils are a bright orange that make the nugs look like they are on fire. It’s so pretty, you just want to stare at it for awhile!

Density: **** These are pretty dense. The structure is very similar to the Sour Livers with a little more density. Still gets four stars because these are dense but not rock hard.

Growth: ***** Like all Mephisto gear, it practically grew itself. This lady had the thermometer fall on her and break off two branches. So I laid her over to take advantage of the lack of branches on one side. She never even flinched! She grew a nice chunky top bud I called a monkey knot. I didn’t write down the height but I believe she stayed shorter due to being tied down. Somewhere around 17 inches tall.

Smell: ***** Loud sour blueberry waffle smell during growth. Once flowering starts, this lady is a stinker. She only gets louder with a proper cure. Pop the jar and out comes blueberries!!! The waffle smell seems to have gone away and she smells like a fresh blueberry bush. Very very similar to Sour Livers but even more berry smell. There is a hint of cheese in the back end but it’s very faint.

Smoke: **** Its been curing for about one month and is nice and smooth. On the inhale the blueberry taste is faint. On the exhale though blueberries come back big time. It lingers on the tongue for a few minutes afterwards. Makes you you smack your lips and enjoy the flavor. It has a nice clean grey ash after its burnt due to soil and water only. Doesn’t need a flush but gets one anyway. Nothing beats “organically” grown flowers…

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