Skywalker Cookies (Feminised)


Skywalker x Girl Scout Cookies
Flowering time: 8-9 Weeks
Yield: 500gm2 / 600W
THC: 22-26%
80 Indica / 20 Sativa
Blueberry and Spice flavour

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Skywalker Cookies is an Indica strong variety bred out to help you relax and melt away into your own universe with very sedative effects. So be sure you are comfortable when you choose to relax under her influence and keep that packet of biscuits at hand as the munchies are imminent.
To create this short and compact discreet hybrid the best characteristics of the legendary Girl Scout Cookies and Skywalker OG were combined. In short an incredible amount of flavour was blended into an intoxicatingly potent mix making Skywalker Cookies and strain that must be experienced by those serious about their bud.
This is a real strain to savour for flavour chasing connoisseurs bursting with the sweetness of Blueberries combined with spice and diesel and hints of citrus in some cases.
Due to Skywalker Cookies high THC count reaching up to 26% she is a lady more suited to the experienced user. She can be overwhelming for the novice or less experienced leaving her victim feeling heavily stoned lasting for hours after just 1-2 hits.
Experienced growers are also required here as she can prove to be temperamental if the conditions and the love she is shown are not so much to her liking. But if you give her the optimal environment she requires shell in turn look after you very well with an intoxicatingly potent harvest bursting with flavour.
For discreet grows Skywalker Cookies is ideal. She stays short and bushy and is very easy to manage.
She produces a moderate yield of around 500gm2 and finishes flowering from just 8 weeks making her a commercially viable option.
Medicinally she is an ideal choice for weight gain as she increases your appetite. She also aids sleep, reduces stress, decreases tension and relaxes you. Pain relief comes as standard.
The ideal lady to help you drift away amongst the stars.

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Dimensions 35 × 25 × 2.5 cm


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