Size 4 – Gram 62% 2 Way Humidity Control By Boveda


Brand Boveda
Width 13cm
Length 17.5cm
Height 2cm
Colour Brown
Protects up to 2250g
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Until recently, the biggest and most mainstream size (60 grams) has been Boveda’s meat and potatoes for dry herb and other goods upkeep. Ordinarily, 3-4 packs are utilized to appropriately manage a work area. This operation has been condensed into a bigger single unit with this 320 gram pocket. The pocket endures up to 6x longer than any past Boveda pack and as Boveda lasts 6x longer than the traditional glycerin and water humidity control solutions you can rest assured that you are getting the most bang for your buck.

How Boveda Works::

Shield Technology= Thrichome and Terpene Retention

Boveda works using a salt & water solution that releases water vapour molecules that form a monolayer barrier around your herb’s trichomes in order to shield its’ most important components. Furthermore, Boveda packs alter the relative humidity (RH) to the optimum levels, maintaining a consistent feedback loop that maintains a reliable level.






Relative humidity levels can make or break your goods as excessive humidity is the cause of many dangerous moulds and herb that has been over-dried will impact quality and potency. 


Boveda provides the purest humidity of all other products available on the market today. It is also more cost-effecient than the average humidity packs that are made up of a combination of water and glycerin, studies have indicated one Boveda pack will outperform 6 of these. Moreover they do not protect trichome or the contents such as the terpenes.

The proprietary saline solution is sealed in Boveda’s proprietary vapour phase Reverse Osmosis membrane. The excess salt in the packaging allows Boveda to create a constant RH for the stored herbs. Water vapour is released or absorbed into the sachet as needed to maintain a perfect humidity level, which means that the ratio of salt to water changes as the salt changes from a solid as it absorbs more water in the package. When more water is released, the salt re-solidifies; fundamentally, water vapour is the only element that passes through the leak-proof membrane and forms a barrier to trichomes and terpenes. Salt will never come into contact with your herbs, so you can be sure that nothing will interfere with your products. In sum, you can lose your Terps, but you can never get them back; so grab your Boveda humidity control from us today.

This 62% level has been designed for maintaining stickier herbs and is perfect for drier climates and higher altitudes.

We accept this organization will turn into the new standard for 2-way dampness control in encased spaces, furnishing producers with less support than any time in recent memory. The 320 gram pocket is intended for compartments everything being equal. Different 320g packs can be mounted in much bigger compartments. Moreover, Boveda is the only humidity control solution on the market that shields and saves your trichomes & terps, some studies have indicated 15% better terp retention when using Boveda.


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