RooR Rasta Drinking Glass 3 Piece Set


Brand ROOR
Material Glass
Colour Red, Green, Yellow
SKU: 170-TG-3ER Categories: ,


RooR is back with highly sought-after drinking glasses, available now as part of the RooR Rasta selection in this set of 3 in radiant red, yellow & green all emblazoned with the RooR logo in their slick freeze art deco style. So why not pick up the set today?

These drinking glasses are hugely desirable to RooR collectors and aficionados worldwide.They are dishwasher safe but not heat resistant, total volume 39cl and height is 16c, these glasses are built to last just like all RooR glass.

RooR, are the originator of the high-end functional glass art industry, dominating the market with their culturally iconic glass bongs made by hand in Frankenthal, Germany. RooR is known for its exceptional designs that effortlessly fuses functionality & flawless construction with their gorgeous appearance.

Very functional but also built to last like every RooR product, started and finished with love. RooR is known for their loftily high standards as they meticulously check their quality to ensure that it is matches the quality levels you’ve come to expect.


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