Red Red Wine Female Weed Seeds by Perfect Tree


Brand Perfect Tree
Pack Size 6 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time 7-8 Weeks
Outdoor Flowering End of September
Genetics Indica Dominant Hybrid
Lineage Rozay x Jet A (Reversal)
Yield High
Size Medium/ Tall
Seed Type Female
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Red Red Wine weed seeds by Perfect Tree is a truly gorgeous specimen, bred by crossing 2 exotic powerhouse hybrid strains to create this exceptional cultivar that is sure to give something for everyone.

She’s definitely the kind of plant that everyone is sure to love like all of the phenotypes found in the Red Red Wine grow in super intense dark purples that are almost black at points and expresses a little bit of green under the leaves which makes the resin shine like crazy.

Red red wine is a cross using their selected cut of Rozay F2 from Relentless Genetics that’s then been hit with our Jet A Reversal. She demonstrates an impeccable bud structure, stacking calyx on calyx on calyx with only a tiny amount of leaves making this a blessing for trimming.

When it comes to taste and aroma of the Red Red Wine, the fuel notes from the Jet A has turned the candy and fruit notes into pure wine terps. This wine heavy terp profile would of course be red wine from either the South of France or Italy where the warm environment allows the sun to feed the grape with sugar giving a sweet, floral aroma to the sacred juices.

Perfect Tree has created another incredible very easy to grow variety that also produces significant yields The Solventless aficionados are sure to be in love with this strain because of the super high returns, the crazy strong terps and the distinctive red wine like colours of the water when hashing.



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