Quartz Diamond Knot by Privileged Lungs


Brand Privileged Lungs
Joint Size 10mm, 14mm
Material Quartz
Joint Male
SKU: PL-010-D-KNOT Categories: ,


Quartz Diamond Knot by Privileged Lungs 

Quartz Diamond Knot insert by Privileged Lungs is one of the hottest new dabbing accessories to increase heat retention in your banger!

The Diamond Knot insert is a concentrated piece of quartz that’s designed to be inserted into a regular bucket banger. To use, simply hold it with tweezers and heat it with your torch, then drop it into your pre-heated banger and check the temperature with our handy Terpometer before sticking your dab tool in!

It is best cleaned by dunking in Iso when warm but not hot.


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