Pink Limez Female Weed Seeds by Grounded Genetics


Brand Grounded Genetics
Pack Size 7 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time 8 – 9 Weeks
Lineage Lemonnade x Runtz
Yield Mediun
Releasing: 4:20PM 30/03/2022
Seed Type Female
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Pink Limez female weed seeds by Grounded Genetics is an outstanding new cultivar that crosses two modern powerhouse exotic strains together in order to create this impeccable variety.

To create the Pink LimezGrounded Genetics has taken the Str8 Organics Lemonnade cut and hit it with the Runtz pollen from Grounded Genetics’s Runtz reversal; and the consequential progeny is outstanding as it sounds! The terp profile fills your palate with a super loud candied lime flavour profile with significant resin production and eye-catching pink/ purple hues on some of the phenos. When Grounded Genetics undertook their pheno hunts, some of the plants found showed a perfectly balanced blend of the parent strains’ characteristics. They also found plenty of phenos that were either Runtz or Lemonnade dominant. One of the standout phenos even produced a strong Lemonnade terp on the inhale, swiftly followed by unmistakable Zkittlez funk on the exhale. Safe to say, you can expect to find a wide-ranging array of terp profiles in the strain.

@DrippingBudFarms on Instagram even advised after his pheno hunt that it happened to be the best cultivar he’s ever popped from seed. He exclaimed that ‘putting a few buds in your grinder and you’re a stinking like a portable F****** grow room the rest of the day.

Pink Limez is an 8-9 week flowering strain that produces average flowering yields, but legal resin returns can be substantial thanks to the great trichome production.


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