Orange County CBD Worms


Want to make sure that you never run out of our amazing CBD gummy worms? Our large tubs give you more than enough sweets to keep your needs satisfied. Powerful, intense and absolutely delicious, it’s easy to see why our CBD gummy worms are so popular. Our large tubs are absolutely overflowing with these award-winning sweets and give you the most cost effective way to stock up.40

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Product Description

CBD gummies consistently sit at the very peak of the CBD world. Recognisable, accessible and absolutely delicious, it’s no wonder that CBD sweets have done so well.

We’re proud of just how successful our CBD gummy worms have been, both amongst our customers and with other CBD industry veterans.

Between their stellar achievement at the 2020 Canex Awards and their continued amazing rates of sale it’s clear that our CBD gummy worms are one of our very best products.

Vegan friendly and packed with carefully selected broad-spectrum CBD, our gummy worms are enjoyed by CBD enthusiasts from every walk of life.

With 70 worms in every large tub, this is the best way to ensure you always have plenty of our award-winning worms within reach.


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