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Want to make sure you never run out of our incredible CBD gummy bottles? Our large tubs are the only way to be sure. Packed with 85 individual sweets and available in a variety of strengths, our large tubs are designed for those who know for certain that these delicious sweets are the best choice for them.

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Product Description

There’s plenty of ways to get your daily dose of CBD, but one of the most delicious is through CBD gummies.

Our CBD gummy bottles are a classic staple of our edibles range, pairing our award-winning broad-spectrum CBD with a deliciously formulated gummy sweet recipe.

Available in a range of different strengths, our large tub of CBD gummy bottles provides you with a significant stockpile of edibles.

Varying in flavour and a wide range of colours, these tubs are as diverse as they are delicious.

With a six month shelf life, you can be certain that you’ll get every last penny out of these CBD gummy bottles.

To fully stock-up on one of our best selling CBD gummies, our large tubs of CBD gummy bottles is precisely what you need.


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