Ogeez Chocolate Buds-Krispy Pearl


Krispy Pearl, a delightful mix of white chocolate, puffed rice, Matcha tea/Chlorella and roasted hempseeds, a great protein source!

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Relax, it’s just chocolate! What started in France as a project during an internship Marketing and Communication, grew out to become one of the most innovative and popular chocolate projects of the last decade.

OGeez are based in the growing Cannabis capital of Barcelona, Spain. OGeez are master chocolatiers, creating innovative weed shaped chocolate buds, in a variety of tasty favours.

OGeez are the HOTTEST product to stock in your store right now!

  • No artificial colours
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Made with premium certified UTZ chocolate

Each pack contains 50g of OGeez Krunch chocolate buds.


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