Long Necked Bubble Carb Cap by Privileged Lungs


Brand Privileged Lungs
Material Quartz
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Our Privileged Lungs long-necked carb cap is hand made from thick borosilicate glass, each decorated with a range of beautiful patterns.

This carb cap features an extra-long neck with ridges that allow the user to angle its directional airflow easily.

The Privileged Lungs carb caps are available in a range of exotic colour ways including Pea Cock Feather, Rasta Cap, Cooling Lava, and Orange Fire.

Please note that due to the restrictiveness of the product some way whilst slightly as the air is drawn in, which will of course increase vapour production leading so then dense clouds of vapour, it doesn’t get much better than that!

Due to the handmade nature, these might vary slightly in person, each piece might be unique due to these variances.

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Cool Lava, Orange Fire, Peacock Feathers, Rasta Cap


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