Gelato 33 x Banana Pudding Regular Cannabis Seeds by T.H.Seeds


Brand TH Seeds
Pack Size 11 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time 8-9 Weeks
Genetics Hybrid
Lineage Gelato 33 x Banana Pudding
Yield 550 to 650 gr p.s.m.
Seed Type Regular
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Gelato 33 x Banana Pudding F2 by T.H.Seeds is part of these legendary Amsterdam based breeders’ limited edition regular strain drop.
This latest hybrid strain crosses two powerhouse exotic cultivars, the Gelato 33 and Banana Pudding F2, to create a new candy gas terp profile that will thrill & excite the senses.

The Gelato 33, aka the Larry Bird Gelato, has been bred with T.H.Seeds supreme Banana Pudding F2 Male. This male is stellar breeding stock as it brings impeccable structure, resistance to mould, hard branches heavy terpene content, which means it’s bound to tick every box you’re looking to lock-in. T.H.Seeds even called this male, the perfect male so no doubt when she’s added to the game-changing Gelato 33 some world-class fire is at hand. The Gelato 33 is known for its overly sweet, candied creamy funk and heavy gas. These world-class cultivars combine to mix gelato notes with real banana fruit terps and adds a candy sherbert hit to the terp profile.

Typically these buds swell really dense and get exceptionally large and fast, leading to great production in all conditions. The Gelato 33 x Banana Pudding F2’s monstrous yields will impress all types of growers; they also advise topping her due to the more than dense and large flowers she puts out.

This is an 8-9 week flowering hybrid variety that finishes between 56 and 63 days flowering time; it reaches heights of between 120 to 170cm tall and can produce up harvests of up to 550-7000 psm.


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