Frosty Gelato Auto (Feminised)


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Frosty Gelato Auto

We crossed our Braindamage with the worldfamous Gelato, the result was a thc covered Gelato strain.

After this we did a backcross with the Gelato again, keeping the high THC percentage but more Gelato ?avour.
At his point we where statis?ed with our new strain and gave it to several growers to see what they had to say about it
The response where even better than expected, happy growers that had something to grow and smoke that is not like anything in this world.
High yield, high THC contents and a superb ?avour.
The testgrow even won the 2018 Highlife Cannabis Cup. The smell is light and bright with fruity accents.
The ?avour is insane when taking a hit and
exhaling it you can feel the ?avour changing in your mouth into a summeifresh fruitpunch.

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Dimensions 35 × 25 × 2.5 cm


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