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Four Way

Seed Type Regular strain Four-Way is a regular strain, which will produce male and female plants.
Sativa / indica Indica The Four-Way strain has large proportion of Indica genes in its background.
Flowering Time Short flowering period Four-Way will have a comparatively short flowering time.
Height Average height gain Four-Way will have average height gain during flowering.
Yield Large yield Four-Way can produce a large yield, without the extra care needed for some of the higher yielding strains
Climate Zone Sunny / mediterranean Four-Way can be grown outside in a warm, sunny climate with a long summer.

Four-Way Regular is 80% indica, and this comes through in the high; comforting, warm and deeply relaxing. It was developed from several other high-performing strains, which makes it perfect for further cross-breeding. Expect big yields from Four-Way, especially indoors, or outside in warm, sunny conditions. Growers particularly enjoy its strong, spicy aroma, and the taste, which has a hint of peppery sweetness.

Growth pattern of Four-Way Regular

Four-Way Regular cannabis seeds are 80% indica and 20% sativa. This strain is the result of several years of careful hybridisation, with a focus on creating a stable end-product that showcased the benefits of the parent-plants. With each successive generation, specific plants were back-crossed for further stabilisation, or introduced to the next genotype. Finally, Four-Way was perfected  a hybrid featuring Afghani, Pakistani and Indian genetics, combined with Skunk #1.

Its a regular variant, which means that the seeds produce both female and male plants. The presence of male plants is useful for those who want to generate seeds for future grows, or for their own cross-breeding experiments. As a multiple hybrid, growers should anticipate some variation in the plants, which can result in exciting trait combinations.
Four-Way Regular has a relatively short flowering time (45 to 60 days), which is another big benefit. This means that growers can enjoy swift results, and may even be able to get multiple harvests each year. The strain is fairly compact, with plants only reaching around 100 to 180 cm when grown inside. Outdoors, in the right conditions, theyre likely to grow taller  to around 180 to 250 cm. However, this is still manageable in an average garden.

The plants are appealing to the eye, with plentiful buds gathered mostly around the central stem, and long, elegant leaves. The buds are heavy-looking and tightly packed, with a generous coating of shining resin.

The yield is another notable aspect of Four-Way Regular. The plants dont tend to require too much maintenance, and offer good harvests even for novice growers. When cultivated inside, people report gathering approximately 500 grams per square metre. Outdoors, the average harvest is about 500 grams per plant.

Four-Way Regular performs well in sunny climates, and needs long, warm summers to reach its true potential. However, its also easy to cultivate indoors under artificial lighting, and can also be grown in a greenhouse. Experienced growers may find that supercropping and lollipopping are both effective training techniques with this strain.

Effect, taste, and smell of Four-Way Regular

Four-Way Regular is indica-dominant, with limited sativa genetics. As such, its high is normally typically indica in personality; a potent total-body stone, which users claim is relaxing and sedative.

Although the seeds produce different phenotypes, the plants are usually sweet-smelling, with a hint of peppery spiciness. Theres also a touch of earthiness, which becomes more prominent as the buds approach harvest-time. Users describe the taste as sweet and spicy, with notes of soil and skunk, thanks to the Skunk #1 influence.

Did you know

Four-Way Regular is a multiple hybrid, which means there may be some variation when the plants are grown from seed.
Although variation is likely, most of the plants tend to share common features, such as large, fat buds.
Four-Way Regular gets its name from the fact that its genetics feature four strains; an Afghani, a Pakistani, an Indian, and Skunk #1.
Some growers claim that the aroma isnt much like a typical indica.
Four-Way Regular was re-launched back in 1995, and has been a favourite of growers since then.

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