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First Lady

Seed Type Regular strain First Lady is a regular strain, which will produce male and female plants.
Sativa / indica Indica The First Lady strain has large proportion of Indica genes in its background.
Flowering Time Short flowering period First Lady will have a comparatively short flowering time.
Height Compact plant First Lady will have relatively small height gain during the flowering phase.
Yield Large yield First Lady can produce a large yield, without the extra care needed for some of the higher yielding strains
Climate Zone Sunny / mediterranean First Lady can be grown outside in a warm, sunny climate with a long summer.

First Lady Regular is 95% indica, which results in a deep, intense total-body stone that calms the mind and relaxes the body. It produces generous yields without too much effort, which makes it a solid option for beginners. The plants produce a pleasantly spicy, tangy aroma thats reminiscent of hashish. They can be restricted to relatively compact sizes when grown indoors, which is useful for growers who want to cultivate the plants discreetly.

Growth pattern of First Lady Regular

First Lady Regular cannabis seeds are 95% indica, 5% sativa. The strain offers the rich, old-school scent and high of a classic Afghani, combined with the robustness of a modern variant. The Hindu Kush heritage comes through in the growth pattern and quality of the buds.

The seeds are regular, which offers a number of benefits. As they produce both female and male plants, theyre capable of generating more seeds, which can be used for future grows. The seeds are also suitable for cross-breeding with other strains.

Like many indica-dominant strains, First Lady Regular has a fast flowering time, of just 45 to 50 days. This means that growers can harvest the plants speedily. The height of the plants is quite variable. When cultivated indoors, theyre relatively compact (around 80 to 160 cm), but outdoors, can reach heights of 250 to 300 cm.

In terms of appearance, its a bushy, dense-looking variety, with lots of leaves and branches. The plants usually produce plenty of buds, which are heavy and covered in resin. They yield sizeable harvests too. Growers can expect to obtain as much as 550 grams per square metre when growing First Lady Regular inside, and 800 grams per plant when cultivating it outdoors.

Its a relatively low-maintenance strain, and even novice growers should be able to generate a good yield without too much expertise or hard work. However, First Lady Regular does require plenty of sun and warmth. As such, the plants need to be grown in a location like the Mediterranean if theyre being planted outside. Indoors, they can be cultivated anywhere, all year round.

Experienced growers report getting good results with both the supercropping and lollipopping training techniques.

Effect, taste, and smell of First Lady Regular

First Lady Regular is 95% indica. Its Afghani / Hindu Kush genetics are immediately obvious in the high, which is relaxing and sedating, both for the body and the mind. Its not an overpowering stone, and users prize its calming effect. Be aware, it can make users hungry!

The plants produce a warm, spicy scent thats reminiscent of high-quality hashish. This aroma can be quite pungent, particularly after the buds have cured. The hashy, incense-flavoured smell can also be detected in the taste.

Did you know

First Lady Regular gets its name because its one of the fastest flowering regular seeds available.
Its a resiliant, robust strain, making it a viable choice even for those with no previous growing experience.
First Lady Regular is valued for its distinctive sweet, hashish flavour and scent.

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