Fire OG BX3


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Fire OG BX3

  • Indoor
  • Lemon fire taste
  • 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
  • Fire OG Kush Bx3
  • Indoor: 9-10 weeks

Arguably one of the best OG Kushs in the world, the Fire OG Kush is truly amazing! The mother of the now famous Wifi and many other absolutely magical hybrids, we felt it was necessary to offer a pure staple of ultra dank OG Kush fire.

Through rigorous testing and years of testing males to see what would help retain all of the Fire OG Kush magic, we are proud to offer you our Fire OG Kush Bx3.

This line turned out so well at Bx3 that we found our new stud in here for future breeding projects and now you can have the best OG Kush available in seed form.

Prepare to be highly medicated. If you want the real Fire OG Kush, look no further – Fire OG Bx3 is now here to help everyone raise the bar!

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