Extraction Paper 30CM (5M ROLL) by Qnubu


Brand Qnubu
Sheets 50 Units Per Box
Size 500x30cm
Silicone Double Silicone Food Grade, Non-Stick
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Extraction Paper 30cm (5m Roll) by Qnubu

This 5m roll of high grade extraction paper from industry specialist, Qnubu is ideal for professional grade essential oil extractions.

The 30cm wide roll of parchment paper is made to food-grade standards and is heat and pressure resistant for reliable performance.
Thanks to the double silicone layering, the paper is completely non-stick affording you easy control and handling of sticky oils and waxes.

This premium quality extraction paper from Qnubu is designed for use with the Qnubu one-ton extraction press which is available separately from PureSativa.


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