Dog Bat Crystal Glass Ashtray / Catchall by Keith Haring


Brand Keith Haring
Material Pyrex
Width 9.5cm
Length 12cm
Height 3.5cm
Glass Thickness 6mm
Colour Clear
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The dog bat crystal glass ashtray from Keith Haring is a beautiful catchall made from premium quality 6mm thick crystal glass.

Featuring a stunning design based on Keith Haring’s legacy of artwork, the ashtray is as easy on the eye as it is functional.
The catchall is made by press-mould in a heat-resistant design which bears Keith Haring’s inimitable artwork in bold, striking colours alongside the artist’s signature which is laser engraved into the glass.

Each Keith Haring ashtray / catchall is packaged in a strong box with thick foam inserts to keep your piece in top shape. The box also features Keith Haring’s iconic signature alongside more artwork.

A very collectable and desirable piece of smoking art glass with some exclusive artwork from Keith Haring.

  • 3.8” L x 4.8” W x 1.4” H
  • Press-Molded Design
  • Iconic Keith Haring Artwork
  • 6 mm Thick Crystal Glass
  • Laser-Engraved Logo
  • Heat-Resistant Construction
  • Hand Polished


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