Disk Spinner Carb Cap by Privileged Lungs


Brand Privileged Lungs
Material Quartz
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The Disk Spinner Carb Cap by Privileged Lungs is one of the best new carb accessories on the market that makes getting your terp pearls spinning a breeze!

Most Carb Caps on the market have to be designed to fit a specific size of bangers such as the classic 25mm, but the spinner cap simply sits on top of your banger whilst you have your dab; it works well; for 25mm bangers and most 30mm ones too! 

Featuring an intricate sacred geometry design, this is a seriously slick way of uplifting your daily rig driver.

The New Disk Spinner Carb Cap by Privileged Lungs is an easy way to get your terp pearls spinning in your banger! 

– Please note your spinner carb cap design will be selected at random.


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