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10 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / Outdoor
Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time
9-10 Weeks
Chem 4 x Joe’s Lemonade
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The name fits is strain terpene profile perfectly Chem Lem is a cross of Chem 4 and Joe’s Lemonade and has the perfect blend of Chemical Lemon terpenes, hence the name. The terpenes can lean towards a specific parent depending on the phenotype. If you get the Chem 4 dominance leaning towards the mother, expect to smell and taste some Bleach, Ajax, Chlorine/Pool Cleaner terpenes that smell very astringent, and nose-burning. If you get a phenotype that leans towards the father, you’ll get some Skunky, Hashy, Creamy, Fruity/Citrus terpenes. If you find the pheno that has a nice mix of both parents, you just hit the jackpot if you do, expect to smell and taste a Creamy Chemical Lemonade Skunk Cocktail  Your senses might not be ready for the citrus explosion you are about to experience with this Chem Lem
She’s an easy grower, and you can spot the differences between the parents pretty easily. The Chem 4-dominance will be stretchier, but she fills in nicely, and yields massive arm-sized colas. The Joe’s Lemonade stays pretty short, bushy, squat, and doesn’t really grow tall. It has lots of flowering sights, and look like a bunch of golfball-sized nuggets all over the plant. She can be topped and responds very well. She usually can support her own weight, but if you would like to add a tomato cage or trellis net on or around her to support her, and/or maximize the amount of light reaching her to get the most about out of her potential yield.
Due to the Joe’s Lemonade male, we have noticed most strains finish pretty early, around 8-9 weeks average, and yield above-average compared to most strains from the Joe’s Lemonade line. We have noticed every cross from the Joe’s Lemonade line, added lots of resin, a short, fat, bushy, early flowering strain that is very resinous, but easy to trim due to the leaf : bud ratio. if you are looking to extract this strain into concentrate form, we highly recommend Hydrocarbon extract to ensure you get the best flavor, and effect you possibly can enjoy from these terpenes. It will press rosin and  make wash hash, butter true potential comes out in something like a Live Resin concentrate such as HCFSE/ HTFSE. (High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract / High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract)

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10 seeds


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