Buddy CBD Bites (250mg)


Want our award-winning CBD in the shape of a delicious savoury edible? Buddy’s CBD meaty treats are exactly what you’ve been looking for. Balancing high quality broad-spectrum CBD with an irresistible meaty flavour, these low-dose CBD edibles will help to give you a perfectly mellow CBD experience.

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Product Description

Buddy’s CBD Bites offer you our award-winning broad spectrum CBD in the shape of a deliciously meaty CBD treat.

Made with attention to overall health and depth of flavour, these are a fantastic savoury way to get your dose of CBD.

With just 250mg of CBD in every tub, Buddy’s CBD Bites are the ideal choice for those who like their CBD to be low-dose and delicious.

We source all of our CBD from certified farms in the United States, ensuring that we work with only the absolute best there is.

The CBD itself is extracted from the raw material using an industry-leading method that lets us ensure that only the very best cannabinoids make it into your Buddy’s CBD Bites.

The CBD itself is broad-spectrum, meaning that it is completely free from all THC compounds.

It does contain a wide profile of other cannabinoids which enhance the effects of the CBD itself, giving you a superbly effective dose of CBD in a small package.


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