Black Vaccum Insulated 50ml Concentrate Jar by Alchemy Jars


Brand Alchemy Jars
Colour Black
Material Stainless Steel & Borosiciliate Glass
Glass Size 50ml
Height 6.9cm
Width 5.6cm
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Black Vaccum Insulated 50ml Concentrate Jar by Alchemy Jars 

The Alchemy Jars Black Vaccum Insulated 50ml Concentrate Jar is the G.O.A.T. container for preserving terpenes in your premium concentrates.

Contemporary knowledge of our sector is always growing; for instance, consumers are only now learning to avoid terms like Sativa and Indica since the concept that these two different plant types exist is misleading. As consumers have become educated on the impact of terpenes as a modulator on the perceived effects of THC, this has sparked a proliferation of concentrates and extracts on the market & an overall increase of high-quality terpene-rich solventless extracts.

The first and only vacuum insulated jar specifically intended to safeguard and preserve concentrates and their volatile terpenes are now available thanks to Alchemy Jars. This is the only time this technology has been invented & applied to concentrates. Typically it is used to keep cold drinks chilled during warmer weather. To be blunt, the traditional glass and plastic concentrate jars do not shield your terps from environmental factors like heat, light, air, and humidity, all of which significantly damage your organic products. All of these factors can be managed with Alchemy Jars so there is no longer a need to repeatedly take your items in and out of the refrigerator since Alchemy Jars can keep your items below room temperature all day long after being put in the refrigerator for just a few hours.

The food-grade silicone gasket of Alchemy Jars provides an Airtight Seal, preventing oxidation and safeguarding your terpenes; the jar is made of 304 medical-grade stainless steel, which minimises light exposure. Moreover, you won’t ever have to be concerned about getting condensation in the jar or hearing that petrifying sound of the sizzle of water vapour in with your dabs in the banger thanks to the double-wall stainless steel construction of Alchemy Jar’s Vaccum insulation, which shields your terps from the heat by keeping them in a cool environment and preventing condensation from forming inside and outside the jar.

The inner Borosilicate glass insert of Alchemy Jars is detachable and normally holds an ounce of solventless concentrate; it can fit glass inserts up to 44mm in width and 43mm in height. The exterior vacuum-insulated shell of Alchemy Jars is made of stainless steel. Often users frequently remove the glass insert and use it to store a few other 2-gram jars separately.


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