Y Griega (Feminised)

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Y Griega

80% sativa – 20% indica

thc: very high – cbd: very

low Indoor vegetative period: 1-2 weeks

Indoor flowering period: 12-13.5 weeks

Indoor yield/ m2: about 500 gr.

Outdoor height: up to 3.5 meters

Outdoor harvest:

– Hemispher north: early november

Hemispher south: early may

Outdoor yield/plant: 500-600 gr.

Genotype: Amnesia Haze x Kali Mist

Y Griega?s growth starts with such dramatic force that it is highly recommended to grow it in S.C.R.O.G., to make it more manageable.

Unlike other Sativas, this plant has a surprisingly vigorous production of buds; very large and extremely resinous, covering all the stems. In a recent Gas Chromatography analysis by CANNA Research, ?Y GRIEGA? obtained the highest level of THC among all our plants. This plant maintains the classic haze scent while combining it with a slightly sweet flavor, which makes it stand out from the rest.

Its effects begin with a jolt of energy that slowly mellow down to an overall feeling of relaxation yet you remain alert, recommended for diseases requiring high levels of THC, like glaucoma.

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