Prima Holandica


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Prima Holandica

12 – 14 Weeks flowering period
Pure Sativa
Medium/Big plants

Regular seeds

weight.png XL

THC.png High

taste.png Typical haze terps, sharp lemon/lime, sour, sweet, incense

Speedy, creative, smoothly, energetic, clear

Our tribute to a very special Secret Super Sativa: Prima Holandica. We crossed it with Old School Haze, our best sativa.

Expect big plants with sativa buds as long as your arm. This is quite a producer; you can find a complete spectrum of sweet fruity aromas. But we also found some phenotypes with a peculiar metallic/diesel taste.

Some beautiful and interesting specimens can be found in these seeds. This smoke will bring you to an elevated state, with a strong trippy effect that will last for quite some time.


Get Prima Holandica now and enjoy an old school strain from the Super Sativa Seed Club!

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