Patel’s Cornershop Surprise (Feminised)


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Delhi Friend x Patel’s OG Kush

Bred to spread the genetics of Mr Patel’s OG Kush from UK. Everyone was extremely excited at Team Krippling when we were unexpectedly gifted a few cuttings of this strain. The obvious choice and calling was to concentrate our efforts on mixing it with Delhi Friend.

Fast growing, fast flowering, high production plant which is extremely sweet with delicious hashy and citrus hints.

Pulling on its indica heritage, this is a medium sized plant which likes to bush and branch out with short internodal gapping. Please note, that with the exception of a very few, Patel’s Cornershop Special is not available at your usual cornershop…….. not yet anyway

Harvest: indoor: 7-8 weeks Outdoor: Mid October

Outside height-60 cm

Height of greenhouse-1.2m

Extra sweet taste

Spicy Citrus Smells

Indoor yield: 225 – 750gr/m2

Outdoor performance 30-600gr per plant

Greenhouse yield: 60gr-1000gr+ per plant

Thc 18%

Additional information

Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 2.5 cm


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