Mighty Mite


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Mighty Might


  • Outdoor
  • Sweet hashy taste
  • 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
  • Kootenay Mountain Mighty Mite IBL
  • Outdoor: mid-August to early September


Mighty Mite is a famous BC outdoor variety that has been cultivated from sea level on Vancouver Island to the mountain tops of the Kootenays. T

he Mighty Mite we offer is from a 20 year West Kootenay organic mountain grower who has selected for resin content and early flowering for 17 years.

Kootenay Mountain Mighty Mite is certainly an inbred line.  Mighty Mite is a squat compact plant with a medium yield. Its low profile helps to conceal it.

A medium feeder and easy to grow, there’s an early pheno that finishes in Mid-August. All plants finish by Mid-September and the resin content in this variety is amazing.

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