Malakoff (Feminised)


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80% sativa – 20% indica

thc: high – cbd: low

Indoor vegetative period: 1-2 weeks

Indoor flowering period: 10-11.5 weeks

Indoor yield/m2: about 500 gr.

Outdoor height: about 3 meters

Outdoor harvest:

– Hemispher north: mid october

Hemispher south: mid april

Outdoor yield/plant: more than 1 kg.

Genotype: Strawberry Haze x White Widow

Malakoff is a dream come true for all Sativa lovers out there! This hybrid has a short flowering period and is mold resistant, making it suitable for outdoor cultivation in high humidity environments. Recommended for the experienced grower; because of its vigorous growth the slightest distraction at the beginning of the flowering period can stress the plant, make it grow out of control and possibly delay the flowering period.

Malakoffs strong cerebral high is ideal for those seeking a creative and energizing effect. Its distinctive taste combines the citrus fruity flavor typical to Sativas with a touch of strawberries and cream, that will leave your mouth watering!

As well as the Y Griega and 2046 strains, Malakoff is a plant suitable for diseases that require high levels of THC as glaucoma.

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Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 2.5 cm


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