Krippy Kush


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Krippy Kush

Krippy Kush is anindica/sativavariety fromPurple Caper Seedsand can be cultivatedindoors(where the plants will need a flowering time of63 days) andoutdoors. Purple Caper Seeds’ Krippy Kushis a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

We took the best local Pure OG Kush phenotypes in the Bay Area and crossed them to create a supreme breeding father! Best of 50 back-crossed to the best female, then took the best males from that for our breeding father! Those have all of the best characteristics of OG amplified! This has amazing Gas and Flavor. Extremely potent regularly testing between 27%-32%. The offspring have amazing vigor and grow best indoors or in the greenhouse. This is a connoisseur flower and an amazing achievement.

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