Kripplicious (Feminised)


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Critical Bilbo x Bubblegum : Indoor Flowering c. 48 days 500gr/m2 : Outdoor Harvest c. Mid Sept. : THC c. 19%

This is so sweet. AKA Strawberry Banana Punch.

Easy to grow, sweet, fruity and heavy yielding strain thanks to its marvelous parentage from a famous Critical Bilbo strain crossed with wonderful Bubblegum genetics, makes mind blowing, super sticky, scrumptious flowers.

It took a couple of years to get this right desired mix right. It may stretch during vegetative state, but this plant responds well having up to a third of the top chopped off a few days before switching to flower. Pinching tops of plant during first ten days of flower is possible too  she can take it. Then one will have simply have to wait for the luscious, lovely, lip smacking strawberry + banana nuggets.

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