Kees’ Old School Haze


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Kees’ Old School Haze

12/13 weeksflowering period

Pure Sativa Old School
Big plants

Regular seeds

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taste.png Old School terps, brown herbal, pungent amonia

Euphoric, floating/walking on a marshmallow pavement

If youre in the mood for a ‘blast from the past’, this is what youre looking for! Kees’ Old School Haze is an exciting 100% pure sativa that grows in the blink of an eye.

We are talking about a plant for the more experienced grower who is able to maintain a balanced environment at all times. Under stable, optimized conditions, Kees’ Old School Haze offers huge harvests after 12-13 weeks of flowering.

Our original Old School Haze produces dark musky, ammonia-like aromas combined with a fresh citrus touch. When smoked it is a real hazy experience with a great trippy effect.

Expect a seriously strong smoke! The Old School Haze is the cornerstone of the Super Sativa Seed Club. She has been with us for almost 35 years and still growing strong! Offering the world the original Old School Haze taste- experience.


Try this old school sativa now!

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