K.O Kush (Feminised)


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K.O Kush (Feminised)

From a batch of super genetics OG kush we selected this one plant with
outstanding qualities.
The plant was more vigourous and whiter than the other ones.
Dripping with THC and a higher yield than the other ones we knew that this was the
one to work with and create this new generation of OG called KO kush.
Even the most experienced smoker is going to have a hard time fighting to not pass out with this one.
When grown indoors make sure you have a good filter for the heavy smell.
We didn’t have time to test this one outdoor yet but we expect it to finish end of september.

Gender: Female
Bloom: 8 weeks
Height: average
yield indoor: 500-700 grams/m2
Yield outdoor: No info yet
Genetics: 60% sativa, 40% indica
moldresistent: High
THC: Very high
CBD: Medium
Harvestmonth outdoor: Expected End September
Taste: Nice og kush spicey flavour

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