Critical + Auto (Feminised)


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Critical + x Ruderalis
Ready in 9-10 weeks from seed
Yield: Very High
THC: >13%
Relaxing and calming effect.
Pungent Skunk & Citrus Odour.
Extremely sweet flavour.
Height: 80-90cm

Auto Critical + has a very sweet and intense flavour, one of the best tasting varieties in the auto-flowering collection, its in a very small league of strains that has to be tasted to be believed.

She is a variety with a regular growth pattern characterised by wide internodes, which favours an open structure, this is a typical characteristic of theCritical +.

In the final flowering phase she will produce a coating of Orange pistils and a very potent unmistakable smell inherited from the Critical +, carbon filters will be required to keep her stink under control.

Critical + Auto produces very dense tight and compact buds. She has a large ratio of flowers in comparison to leaves when compared to most other strains available.

Auto Critical + is a huge yielding strain with the unmistakable aroma of sweet skunk & citrus and grows to a nice compact height of between 80 and 90cm.

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