Auto Amnesia CBD (Feminised)


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Auto Amnesia CBD

Strain:  Auto Amnesia CBD
Amnesia Haze x Pure CBD auto
Height: 30-45  | 90-110cm
Harvest: 9-11 weeks from seed
Yield: 30-90g | 1-3oz per plant
Indoors/Outdoors: Both
Effect: Relaxing, mild effect
Potency: 6/10
CBD: approx. 11%
THC: approx. 8%

Although our Dr feelgood strain offered many of our customers medical benefits due to its indica dominance, it was only really ever a higher than average CBD levels strain. What we wanted to be able to offer was balanced CBD:THC strain that provide therapeutic properties to medical patients with a moderate, relaxing effect. This strain has been lab tested to show CBD at around 11% and THC around 8%

Creating Auto Amnesia CBD has been a long process whereby we worked with the same Amnesia strain used in our Auto Purple Amnesia and crossed it with a CBD pure auto we had acquired. A long process of selection across numerous generations has led us to where we are now, a 100% autoflowing strain with balanced CBD and THC.

This strain, while being far less psychoactive than a typical Sativa, still maintains many of the Sativa traits we all know and love. The Plants are tall and elegant with a branchy structure, greasy elongated buds and a wonderful spicy citrus aroma.

This strain, like most autos is very easy to grow and with minimal effort, big pots, quality compost and sensible feeding, 30-90g of CBD rich buds can easily be produced. We have noticed that this plant tends to produce quite a low number of leaves around the buds making the trimming process much easier.

As you would expect from high CBD strain Auto Amnesia CBD has a much mellower effect than many modern cannabis strains. That’s not to say it has no effect at all, its just a much milder, more relaxing effect that will allow you to get on with your day or relax in the evenings without being locked to your couch. As more and more research is showing, CBD has many therapeutic benefits including pain relief, helping with anxiety, aiding appetite and relieving stress as well as helping with many other ailments.

Auto Amnesia CBD is the perfect strain for someone looking for easy to grow medicine of the highest quality who wants a mild relaxing effect and is not looking for a very potent high.

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