Afghan Kush (Feminised)


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Genetics: Landrace Afghan Kush
Flowering time: 8 Weeks
Yield: 450gm2
THC: 20%
100% Indica Variety
Effects: Intense Narcotic Stone

February 2016 seen the introduction of our Afghan Kush +, an improved version of the original landrace Afghan Kush from the Hindu Kush area of Afghanistan. She is a pure 100% landrace Indica strain boasting an intensely strong narcotic body stone ideal for those looking for something that really hits hard and fast and is great for medicinal aplications.
Afghan Kush + will also provide you with a higher production of resin than her predecessor, a white blanket of crystals will shimmer all across her bud sites giving her a very wintery look.
She produces a low to medium odour and is a short, dense and compact girl making her ideal for more discreet and manageable grows where nosey neighbours especially can be a problem.
The quality, consistancy and relaibility that Afghan Kush is famed for has ensured over the years she has become the backbone of many leading strains, none more succesful than Exodus Cheese, our very own BSB Cheddar #1.
Our Afghan Kush + is the result of a selective breeding program to isolate the most narcotic phenotype for those looking for a more intense hit than the original strain offers, yet with the same traits and characteristics she is famed for.

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