Balkh (The Old City) Regular Cannabis Seeds by Afghan Selection


Brand Afghan Selection
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time 8-11 Weeks
DNA Indica Dominant
Yield Medium/High
Seed Type Regular
Pack Size 12 Regular Seeds
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Balkh- The Old City
Stock of 2018

The old city of Balkh is located in the Balkh Dist in Balkh province, in the northern part of Afghanistan.

This city is called “Mother of cities” it’s culture and history run’s deep. It’s said to be the home of the mystical “Baba Khu” a Sifu with spiritual power, that covered the town with smoke when he lit up his chillum. Considered holy because of his alleged part in fighting against Genghis Khans army.

Climate – Balkh Dist – Balkh Province

  • Temp April/May 13-33c and 13h day light
  • Temp Sep/Oct 10-33c and 12h day light
  • Temp Nov/Dec 1-15c and 10h day light
  • Temp Jan/Feb 0-10c and 11h day light

The Plant
This local heirloom seeds contain 5-6 different genotypes. They vary from short to tall with large and wide leaves to some that are slimmer. It grows both tall and short and often in dark green red and black. Smell is very diverse but reported to be dominated by rotten fruit and skunk with some earth and nuts influence.

The Hash
The hashish is very calming and relaxing in nature and is considered the best medicine in Afghanistan. It’s been used for everything from “normal” body aches to internal issues. Displays a unique spicy mint character.


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