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House of the Great Gardener
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Low Ryder (m) x Barbara Bud (f)
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Auto Barb Autoflower Cannabis Seeds by House of the Great Gardener
Auto Barb cannabis seeds from House of the Great Gardener (HOTGG) are a new auto-flowering strain of cannabis from this established Canadian seed company.
Auto Barb is a long-anticipated auto-flowering version of HOTGG’s ever-popular flagship strain, Barbara Bud. She is suitable for cultivation in legally operating gardens and will thrive indoors or outdoors.
HOTGG’s founder and master breeder, Mat Beren hooked up with Sasha at Joint Doctor to facilitate a cross of Barbara Bud with a male Low Ryder. This resulted in this auto-flowering F5 called Auto Barb.
Thanks to the breeder’s persistence and patience when developing Auto Barb (F5) she displays all the characteristics that made Barbara Bud so popular – strong, vigorous structure, super heavy resin production and those unique peachy flavours that set her apart from her peers Her Sativa traits give Auto Barb an energizing and uplifting effect – perfect for daytime use.
All this power and Barb’s unique terpene profile – but in an auto
When planted, auto-flowering cannabis seeds will germinate and grow through the veg and bloom stages without any changes to the photoperiod (changes in light). Growers of all abilities in legal environments can now grow this iconic strain in just 7-8 weeks.

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Dimensions 35 × 25 × 2.5 cm

11 seeds


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