350mg Buddy’s Salmon CBD Oil (30ml)


Looking for a truly unique CBD oil? Buddy’s salmon oil is the perfect combination of fast-acting CBD with an irresistible savoury flavour. Although relatively low-dose compared to our other oils, the lean design of buddy’s salmon oil ensures that it still packs an impressive punch. For those who want a fast, savoury way to get their dose of CBD, buddy’s salmon oil is ideal.

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Product Description

Buddy’s CBD salmon oil pairs our fast-acting and easily applied oil with an irresistible salmon flavouring.

Coming at a fixed concentration of 350mg, this is an extra-low dose of CBD for those who only need the smallest amount in their lives.

Our CBD is sourced from certified farms in the United States and extracted from the raw material via an advanced and industry-leading method.

This same method ensures that all traces of THC are removed from the product, ensuring that you’re getting a purely CBD-focused experience.

As a broad-spectrum product you’re getting the best balance of cannabinoids, enough to work in concert with the CBD and enhance its effects, but not enough to overwhelm it.

This makes our buddy’s CBD salmon oil an excellent addition to our catalogue, providing a delicious savoury way to get your dose of broad-spectrum CBD.


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