25mm Diamond Bucket Quartz Banger by Privileged Lungs


Brand Privileged Lungs
Joint Size 10mm, 14mm
Material Quartz
Joint Male
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The diamond 25mm banger from the Privileged Lungs line, new to Pure Sativa, is a staple for any dabbers essential set. This bucket quartz banger has been designed using a dope geometric Aztec/ Diamond pattern to uplift and bring new life to your daily driver rig set-up. 

It doesn’t get much more classic than a 25mm quartz banger but thanks to the amazing quality and slick design the Diamond quartz banger is truly something special. 


Fundamentally, many imported budget quartz banger options on the market have a flawed design in one way or another. So the Privileged Lungs team figured a regular bucket-shaped high quality, affordable banger is something that every dabber needs at least one of. 


  • All Privileged Lungs bangers are constructed from high-grade quartz using 99.99% ge124 standard, which is the purest quality available (some cheap imports will layer quartz over cheap glass which then provides subpar heat retention). 
  • The rim itself is bevelled, allowing a secure fitting with your carb cap so that your oil vaporises efficiently 
  • The neck of the banger is tighter so it that will make a thicker vapour cloud and feels heavier on your lungs, allowing them to have the privileged experience that they deserve.
  • The bucket is a 25mm one and is perfect for all 25mm inserts and will also work with terp pearls, which works perfect with our disc spinner cap.
  • The banger features a slick looking geometric diamond sandblasted onto the quartz.
  • The neck of the banger is fully welded to be both sturdy and resilient. 

Additional information

Joint size


Joint Angle

45 Degree Angle, 90 Degree Angle


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