2000mg 86% Pure CBD Extract & Syringe (2ml)


Our pure CBD extract is the best way for experienced users to cook up their own batch of CBD products. Whether mixing up oils, e-liquids or edibles, our pure CBD extract gives you a heavy concentration of broad-spectrum CBD that will let you make your experience truly unique.

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Product Description

Our broad-spectrum, pure CBD extract offers you 2000mg of our award-winning CBD with nothing at all to get the way. At an 86% concentration you’ll only need the smallest drop to get your daily dose of CBD.

Packing this much CBD into a little over 2ml of product makes this the most potent CBD product we sell. Leaner than even our 6000mg CBD oil, this extremely concentrated sample is the best way to infuse our award-winning CBD into your preferred delivery method.

Our pure CBD extract and syringe gives you the most precise way of measuring your CBD dose. With clear measurement markings and a carefully designed applicator head, you’ll be able to easily and precisely use your CBD, whether you prefer to take it orally or as part of homemade CBD edibles.

In terms of effectiveness, quality and sheer power, our pure CBD extract simply cannot be beaten.


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