2 Ton Hydraulic Press by Qnubu – Plate 12cm x 6cm


Brand Qnubu
Pressure 2 Ton
Plates 12 x 6cm
Press Hydraulic Press
Brand Qnubu
Material Steel
Colour Yellow
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The 2 Ton Hydraulic Press from Qnubu is the perfect solution that will further advance your herbal home extractions to the optimum professional standard whilst simultaneously maximising the final yield from your herbs or flowers.

The team at Qnubu is situated out in Barcelona’s breathtakingly stunning city, where solventless extracts have been blossoming and making strides with increasing regularity.

Qnubu specialises in creating professional standard extraction equipment that is made to the highest standards of quality and features high-end, quality components throughout its construction.

This 2-ton press features dual heating plates that measure 12cm by 6cm and have a compression power of up to 6 tonsThe Hydraulic 2 Ton Press also features a digital control panel to the front of the press that gives you precise control over the degree of force, temperature and the time of the operation so that you can create the perfect essential oil and rosin extracts from the comfort of your home.

To initiate heating, you should select your temperature to begin the heat up and place your flower or plant material between two sheets of parchment paper or use the Qnubu extraction paper that comes with this press and then apply your pressure using the pressure handle to move your plates closer together. The heat and force of the metal press plates will increase pressure on your material until natural botanical
concentrates can be extracted without the need for toxic solvents or any butane to be purged. After you have allowed your extract to cool down, you should gently unfold your parchment or extraction paper to reveal your natural essential oil rosin. Your desired heat and press time will vary depending on your needs as well as the strain and genetic details.


Check out the user guide manuals here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/105g4MRw07OIwa4dXWI1WhcoYIVh6mryi 


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