026 Female Weed Seeds by Grateful Seeds


Brand Grateful Seeds
Pack Size 6 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time 8-9 Weeks
Lineage Zero x 26mm
Yield Medium to High
Seed Type Fems
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026 is one of the newest releases from our latest seedbank hailing from Spain, Grateful Seeds. 026 is a cross between Zero and 26mm; Zero is a cross between their Cherry Pie cut and Black Lime. Meanwhile, the 26mm is a Zkittlez and fuel heavy strain that expresses some deep earthy aromas.

026 is another breeding project that the team has been working tirelessly on and developing over countless hours during the last few years. They used the Cherry Pie as their starting point with this cross, which is a beautiful cut that they’ve sourced from north California back in 2016, they crossed this with the Black Lime Reserve bred by Mean Gene from Mendocino County up in the emerald triangle in norcal. Black Lime reserve is a collab between Mean Gene and Leo Stone from Aficionado Seeds that placed second at the 2014 Emerald Cup, it’s a cross between Black Lime and the Chemdawg special reserve which took 1st place at the Emerald Cup back in 2014. The Black Lime Reserve can trace its origins back to Northern Lights, and ancient Afhani, Oaxcan and Burmese strains. The Black Lime’s terp profile expresses as a citrusy, zingy mix of juicy lime and black pepper balanced beautifully by the sweet cherry pie terps and the space jam’s vibrancy. In collaboration with their close friend The Glass Master they hit their Cherry Pie x Black Lime cut with the Space Jam reversed to get the zero.

The Zero’s growing characteristics grow super fast and dense as a short, yet wide plant that is ready in less than 55 days and emerges with sharp intense, yet zingy lemon terps alongside cherry and baked goods aromas from the cherry pie genetics. By crossing this with the 26mm male from In House Genetics, they were able to increase the production and vigour in the growth stage and significantly uplifting the resin and overall yield. 026’s terpene profile expresses as a result of a strong lemon solvent cleaner, with a chemmy gasoline side & this meeting of terpenes will drive every single lover of these flavours mad! The resin production is of incredible melty quality, with an overpowering citrus profile that makes up for it’s medium-sized resin yield. A truly citric, gassy mix that will tick the boxes for all fans of kush and OG.

026 is part of Grateful Seeds One Shot line, which is super-limited so be sure not to delay on any of these gems!

The Grateful Seeds family is a small-batch Barcelona based team with a great love for the cannabis culture. They have a long experience rooted in working across the globe in the USA, Mexico, Switzerland, Spain and Morocco that led them to develop their own techniques to express their love for breeding. 

Their mission statement focuses on great resin production for flower and hash making and creating exclusive, exotic terpene profiles. They are constantly exploring new ways of combining these two factors to offer new varieties to the community. Grateful Seeds is a project born in 2015 in Barcelona after years of selecting and testing where they’ve networked to find some of the best keeper phenos in the game to maintain in their library for future development. 

Grateful Seeds quality based approach has led to them achieving numerous awards for their genetics, including but not limited to: the Homegrown Cup, Secret Cup Bizkaia, Cosesha Cup, Master of Rosin and ICMAG420.  


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