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Cardiff Seed Bank is a true and transparent seller of quality CBD products from the best hemp plants grown organically on healthy soils. We are devoted to produce and stock a wide variety of hemp products ranging from highly viable feminized seeds to very potent cannabinoid extracts.

We want to change how everyone views cannabis. The recent bloom in the hemp world has seen new entrants producing all kinds of cannabidiol products. With not so solid regulations in place you are at risk of buying sub-standard hemp extracts. Our goal is to see that the hemp lover gets all the desired benefits and effects of using CBD products. We believe that if we produce potent and safe hemp extracts, the benefits shall come out for everyone to see. Better CBD, better life. It’s a no brainer that many more people will change their view of hemp as a bastion for healthier lifestyles.

Our products

We offer variety without sacrificing high quality and safety standards.

  • Regular seeds – Get the best seeds for either male or female plants. Perfect for new strains, these are the most viable seeds that you’ll need.
  • Feminised seeds – Our collection totally gets rid of any male seeds.
  • CBD cannabis seeds – We offer seeds that have high concentrations of the THC cannabinoid. These are a special breed of phytocannabinoid rich hemp strains potent enough for medical CBD users.
  • Autoflowering seeds – Even novices look like professionals with our easy to nurture Autoflowering hemp seed

Whole plant and legal hemp

Did you know that whole plant hemp is the best for releasing more valuable health benefits? The entourage effect ensures that all the compounds found in our hemp extracts work synergistically to realize stronger and long lasting benefits. Our range of hemp seeds and products are all whole plants and give you maximum benefits.

Buy a gift card and get loyalty points

Do you want to surprise them with a health filled gift card? Perhaps you have no idea of what to give them on their next birthday as hemp lovers? Get a gift card from Cardiff Seed Bank and we shall deliver joy and happiness to the doors of those you love.

Why should you buy from Cardiff Seed Bank?

  • Everytime that you order from us, you get loyalty points that you can redeem for different prizes in our shop.
  • Fast shipping delivered between 3 and 5 days from your order.
  • Free pickups and deliveries for all orders within a 10 mile radius
  • Quality hemp products for better health
  • 100% Safe and legal

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